Beaudesert Poultry Club inc

Beaudesert Poultry Club

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Other Useful Poultry Related Sites

Feather Clubs Association of Queensland

Get your membership to enable entry to our shows, as an affiliated club only those with FCAQ membership

will be allowed to enter birds. (Unless you can prove you live in another state ie NSW)

The FCAQ also undertake consultation with government bodies with regard to Exhibition poultry, organise training sessions.

Backyard Poultry

A Great place to talk about your birds

Logan City Council

Go to their website to find out about the rules and regulations for keeping poultry in this council area.

Logan give very clear guidelines as to the number of birds you can keep.

Scenic Rim Council

If you have specific questions with regard to the rules, you will need to contact the council's animal management.

They have not published any clear guidelines.