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Beaudesert Poultry Club kicked off in the mid 1970’s where local exhibitors showed in an old ramshackle pavilion at the Beaudesert Showgrounds.

The club had a few years lapse and progressed again in 1985. Current club members David Willis, Steve Higgins and Irene & Don Carlill were part of this revival, while one of Ross Summerell’s companies was a leading trophy sponsor.


In 1990 a new pavilion known as “The Jack Lewis Pavilion” was purposely built for the poultry fraternity by the Beaudesert Show Society. This facility included 256 new show pens.


Over the years the club has had many members come and go and being a rural community, many young people left the area to find work closer to Brisbane and other suburban areas.


For many years the club had struggled for members and helpers but under the leadership of Steve Higgins, assisted by Ross Summerell, the club managed to survive.


For several years during the early 2000’s the club was well served by Secretary-Treasurer Margaret Hegarty with help from husband, Tony. They were backed up by Irene & Don Carlill who took over the positions of Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.

Irene, Don and Steve were all honoured with Life Membership after many years of faithful and self-sacrificing service to the Exhibition Poultry community.


After illness forced the Carlill’s to step down from the Secretarial duties, over the years the position was ably managed by Ross Summerell, John Lingard, Claire Hardke,

Elizabeth Cooper, Christian Johnson and Erin Callow.


Steve Higgins took a break from President and came back in 2012 before handing the reins to Haeley Reeves in 2015 with Douglas & Suzanne Chinn in the Secretary-Treasurers’ role.  


Correspondingly for 2017 the club voted Ross Summerell as the in-coming President with Steve Higgins and Roger Goode as Vice-Presidents. 

2018 sees Roger Goode taking over as President, with Ross Summerell as our new Secretary/Treasurer. Steve Higgins remains as Vice-President. 


The club now boasts over 488 pens with 220 brand new pens being constructed in the past seven years under Steve’s Presidency.


Anybody interested in Exhibition Poultry should contact us as we are always keen to welcome new members and any interested in our hobby.


Nathan Maher - Webmaster